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Coconut Chocolate Cups -Paleo - Vegan - Nut Free-

Sandra Giraldo

Coconut Chocolate Cups - Paleo - Vegan - Nut Free
It seems that we are obsessed with coconut and chocolate lately, it's a combination made in heaven and the healthiest way to snack.
Coconut is an absolutely delicious alternative for nut free treats, it's packed with very healthy fats (MCT), because it's naturally sweet it's no need to add extra sweeteners. You can find unsweetened shredded coconut (If you want to make your own butter) at the supermarket in the bulk bins, the baking isle, or the specialty food isle. You may have to go to a health food store to find it organic (if that's your preference) and that contain no added sugar, sulfites or preservatives, or you can order it online.These cute cups don't have processed sugars but are very satisfying. I added some slices of fresh strawberries for fun and more flavor. The chocolate layer is made with our Cacao Drink Mix that is sweetened with coconut sugar a low glycemic sweetener that can be a better choice than many other sweetener options. For instance, coconut sugar is better for diabetics and the gut than your normal, everyday sugar, and it holds trace amounts of vitamins and minerals. This mini cups are Vegan, Paleo, Nut Free and Ketogenic (to make them Keto you can use any of our mixes that don't have coconut sugar)
1 jar of coconut Butter
Strawberry slices
1/2 C. cacao butter or coconut oil
1/2 C. Enjoyful Foods Cacao Drink Original (If you use any of our other mixes you need to add sweetener)
Prepare a mini muffin pan with mini baking paper cups.
Melt coconut butter. I usually place the jar in a pan with hot water or I melt the butter in a double boiler. I make my own coconut butter but if you prefer to buy it, I love my friend Sophia's Essentially Coconut coconut butter. To buy CLICK HERE.
Place a slice of strawberry in the bottom of each cup if you are using them.
When butter is melted fill each cup about 3/4 full.
Place the mini muffin pan in the refrigerator till the butter is solid.
While cups are in the fridge getting solid, prep the chocolate layer. using a double boiler melt cacao butter or coconut oil, when totally melted add Cacao Drink mixing well to be sure there are not clumps and the mix is totally smooth (if you want it smoother processed the cacao drink mix in food processor to pulverized the coconut sugar)
Remove cups from the fridge. with a Tbsp pour enough chocolate mix to fill the cups to the top. bring back to the fridge till cups are solid (at least for one hour).
If you are using coconut oil keep the cups in the fridge all the time removing them only when they're going to be consumed.

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