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Golden Chocolate Nice Cream - Vegan and Paleo

Sandra Giraldo

I normally have smoothies for breakfast, I love to have a drink that is made with all the things I need from a meal. I love green smoothies but also like to take breaks blending other kind of smoothies. One of my favorites is a smoothie that uses our Golden Cacao Drink Mix, coconut milk, collagen and a banana; very simple and quick.

There's a little problem right now, my vitamix is a little sick and while I wait for my new vase I'm not being able to make my drinks. That's why this delicious ice cream was created. I needed a quick breakfast without the involvement of my blender, and now I'm totally obsessed. 

This delicious ice cream is so healthy you can eat it for breakfast and still feel good about it. Loaded with anti-oxidants (not only from the cacao but from the turmeric, ginger and cinnamon, main ingredients in our Golden mix), anti-inflammatory ingredients and healthy fats, this ice cream will make you feel good and satisfied.


1/3 C. raw walnuts (you can use any other nut or seed)

2 frozen bananas cut in small pieces

2 Tbsp Enjoyful Foods Golden Cacao Drink

1 Tbsp collagen


In a food processor, process the walnuts until it looks like a very fine flour, even starting to look kind of creamy (you can also use any nut or seed butter but I like it more when I use the nuts).

Add frozen bananas and process them until well combined with the nuts/butter. Add cacao and collagen. Process all together until it turns into ice cream.

Keep an eye on it so you don't over process it, it will get very soft.

Serve and enjoy it.

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