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Mocha Smoothie Bowl - Paleo, Vegan and Nut Free -

Sandra Giraldo

Looking for a satisfying, nutrient dense pick me up breakfast or afternoon snack?
This smoothie bowl has you covered, it's reach in anti-oxidants, healthy fats and protein as well as low glycemic. If you don't drink coffee you can use any herbal coffee you like, the taste is equally delicious. This smoothie bowl is rich in healthy fats making it a good option if you follow a low-carb diet. It's also Vegan ( switch the collagen for a vegan protein option), Paleo and raw.
3/4 C. coffee
1/4 C. milk of choice
2 Tbsp Enjoyful Foods Cacao Drink Original (If using any other of our mixes you need to add sweetener)
2 Tbsp raw cashews (use pumpkin or hemp seeds for nut free)
1/2 avocado (optional)
2 Tbsp protein powder ( I used collagen)
Toppings of choice
Add all ingredients to a blender, blend till smooth. Serve in your favorite bowl topped with any fruits, nuts, seeds, granola or anything you want. Enjoy.

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