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Simple Nut Free Paleo Vegan Brownies

Sandra Giraldo Brownies Coconut Milk Dairy Free Grain Free Nut Free Paleo Paleo Vegan Resistant Starch Soy Free Vegan

Simple Nut Free Paleo Vegan Brownies

It is one word to describe these brownies "Amazingly delicious" well two words. It is difficult to think that these super moist, like fudge that breaks into soft pieces can be good for you. I am totally addicted. These brownies are grain, dairy, eggs, nuts and processed sugar free. They are made with only four ingredients, but they don't lack flavor. They are a great dessert for your 4th of July weekend celebrations. Ingredients 1/2 C. plantain flour 1/2 C. cocoa powder 1 BPA free full fat coconut milk can 1/4 C. coconut sugar 1/4 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp...

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