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Enjoyful Foods

Paleo Vegan Porridge

$ 10.00

The Best Grain - Nut Free Porridge

This plantain, coconut, chia and hemp seeds porridge, is going to become your go-to grain free breakfast and snack. It's not only fully customizable, delicious, low in calories, rich in resistant starch, but a well balanced meal that will keep you satisfied and energized. 

Different from other hot cereals, our blend doesn't spike your blood sugar, leave you bloated or with a heavy feeling. You'll have plenty of energy to achieve all your daily tasks.

Why Enjoyful Foods Paleo Porridge?

Our porridge is not only about what is not in it, but about what is in it. Our dry mix has a wide range of nutrients and no empty calories. It is all about feeding your body.

Our porridge is:

  • 100% natural (real food, no artificial anything, preservative free)

  • Only Four Ingredients (No fillers)

  • Rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron and Potassium

  • Free of top food sensitivities (grains, dairy, nuts, soy and sugar)

  • Paleo and Vegan suitable

  • Better than Paleo, Nut-free Paleo

  • Low-glycemic food (no blood sugar ups and downs)

  • Rich in resistant starch (happy gut)

  • Rich in healthy fats (omega-3's)

  • Full of energy without the bloat (a great workout friend)

  • Easy to prepare (only five minutes, that's it. Don't get nervous)

  • Fully customizable (use your favorite milk, sweetener, toppings. Add anything you want, make it fun)

  • Versatile, you can eat it hot or cold, even as a dessert

  • Did I say delicious? It is super delicious!

As part of her healing journey, Enjoyful foods owner, adopted a grain free lifestyle, in her search for a delicious and satisfying oatmeal option, that was not packed with tons of nuts (delicious yes, but too many = achy tummy), she developed this simple but powerful porridge (hot cereal).

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